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The Importance of Spinal Health

I have always said if our spines were on the outside so we could see them, we would take better care of them.

With our increase in life span, we are looking at health in new ways. You don't wait until your teeth fall out before maintaining them. You don't wait until you have wrinkles before you start using cosmetic products. Yet people wait until their back "goes out" before they come in to take care of it.

The most common cause of functional disability in people over age 50 is a spinal disorder. The average life span today is 79, which means if you neglect taking care of your spinal health you could spend 30 years with pain and immobility! Take the gamble that you are going to live past 50 and take preventative steps to make sure you and your family can continue to work and play hard!

One in three adults suffer from neck pain. 85 out of 100 people will suffer from low back pain. Why? Because people wait until they are in pain before they begin care.

You can get a new set of teeth. You can have wrinkles removed. You can even get a new heart, liver or kidney. But there is no such thing as a spinal transplant. If you don't take care of your spine, there is no turning back-you can't get a new one!

Spinal problems begin subtly when a vertebra gets stuck in or out of position. This results in nerve, muscle, tendon, joint and disc irritation, inflammation and remodeling that over time results in arthritis in the joints, herniations in the disc, nerve interference to the organs and muscle imbalance. After the body can no longer adapt it then sends you the PAIN signal that something is wrong and that it needs your help to fix it. This is why pain is the last thing to come with any problem.

The good news is it's never too late to start care!
The first thing we address is reducing the pain, which is always the first thing to go as well.
So after the pain is gone we work to correct the underlying problem by aligning the vertebrae, like aligning the wheels on your car. This is what started all this a long time ago. Remodeling the tissues takes time. Like going to the gym to get in shape, starting a diet to lose weight, or seeing the orthodontist to straighten your teeth. Otherwise, your body will go right back to the misaligned position.

Once your body is stabilized we will recommend a maintenance program to retain the proper alignment and motion of your spine.

Now you say, "I knew it...I always heard chiropractors want you to come back the rest of your life."

You are right! Have you ever been to a dentist that said don't come back until your teeth fall out? Have you ever had your eyes checked and been told to not come back until you can't see? In fact: have you ever been to any doctor who told you to never come back? We don't want you to come in any more than is necessary to maintain the health of your spine. We can't help with your teeth, eyes or wrinkles, but we can keep you moving, out of back pain and improve your health.

And, it's never too late to start. Multiple studies have shown chiropractic care to benefit infants and children with ear infections, colic, bed wetting, allergies and more. This is one of the best investments you can make in their retirement years-the ability to move pain-free!

Don't wait to start care any longer. Call Dr. Holtfrerich at 913-383-1202 to schedule today. Get moving and out of pain. We will make a "World of Difference" in your life!


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